Charity Single – Words

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group Charity Single – Words

We have officially launched our debut charity single, “Words”, written and performed by Josh “Smiiffy” Smith and Peter Tay.

Both Josh and Peter have personal experience of mental ill health and use music as a creative way to express how they felt during periods of illness.

Music has a special power to move us and stir our emotions.

It is also an effective medium for spreading messages and we hope that “Words” will help people understand that they are not alone.

We hope that you will support us by downloading the single.

Click here to download our charity single.

The charity single is also be available from iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

To check out the charity single video, click the YouTube video below:


smiffy studio Josh “Smiiffy” Smith

iTunes top 40 artist, Josh “Smiiffy” Smith is a 20 year old rapper who is passionate about reducing suicide rates.

Having a mental health diagnosis, Smiiffy raps about his own personal experiences in the hope he can help others in a positive manner.

Smiiffy has been writing songs since the age of 14 and has a huge fan base.

He has had several recent appearances on radio and television.

Other songs Smiiffy has written include ‘Stay Strong’; ‘How Can You Judge Me?’ and ‘Memory’.

To find out more about Smiiffy and his work click here.

To follow Smiffy on Twitter click here.


Peter Tay 3 Peter Tay

Peter Tay has been a key and valued member of People in Mind for the last three years.

People in Mind (PIM) is The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s service user involvement group.

Pete’s currently leads and delivers the joint PIM2PIM and Community Wellbeing service guitar group, is a volunteer support worker for the PIM Money Champions project and led on the recent PIM Sponsored Pool Competition fundraiser event.

Pete is very appreciated by both staff and his PIM colleagues which has resulted in him being awarded the “PIM Volunteer of the Year 2014/2015”.

Pete has co-written The Kaleidoscope Plus Group Charity single ‘Words’ in conjunction with Smiiffy and he is also currently working on The Kaleidoscope Plus Group theme tune “Hold on with Kaleidoscope”.