People In Mind

People In Mind is The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s service user involvement strategy.

Actually developed by its members on an on-going basis, People In Mind ensures that everybody who accesses services are given the choice of being engaged, involved and consulted in a way that suits them.

The current People In Mind strategy consists of a range of programmes for both proactive and reactive service user involvement and includes consultation and engagement through various forums and subgroups, one to one meetings, social networking, feedback box network, events, activities and a newsletter.

People In Mind IPetition

Kirstie Barnes, Kay Orme & Dawn Reid

People In Mind have been actively campaigning against Sandwell Supporting People Mental Health Funding Cuts for more than 12 months.

Support them by signing their IPetition, which can be found by following the link below:

People In Mind Forum

The forum is held on a regular basis and it is a meeting for partnership working, consultation and debate to ensure the best quality of services are delivered from The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

People In Mind In Person

People In Mind In Person meet on a one to one basis and enable those wanting to be involved but not wishing to attend a regular meeting to still participate and be involved at the same level of those attending the forum

People In Mind Outreach

Outreach ensures that people accessing services and not wishing to be proactively involved and engaged are still informed, updated and involved in all aspects of The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, at the venue where services are received.

People In Mind Questionnaires & Feedback Box Network

Questionnaires and the Feedback Box Network enables people requesting complete anonymity or preferring  to feedback in writing, the ability to forward their thoughts, opinions and experiences.

People In Mind and Key Workers

Key Workers and Staff members are available for people accessing services who .prefer to feedback their thoughts, opinions and experiences to a staff members.

A process is in place for the feedback to be received by People In Mind.

People In Mind Social Media

People In Mind Social Media enables people who would like to be involved to do so through accessing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

People In Mind Events and Activities

People In Mind at our Anniversary Celebration

A calendar of events support a more relaxed platform for involvement and also supports confidence building in a social environment

People In Mind Newsletter

PIM News is a quarterly newsletter that aims to update members and individuals accessing The Kaleidoscope Plus Group services of the work, progress and achievements of People In Mind.

People In Mind Training

All People In Mind members are fully supported and offered the training required to be able to enjoy being involved, gaining many benefits from the experience.

People In Mind Trustees

The People In Mind plan aims to encourage the recruitment of members of People In Mind to the Board of Trustees

People In Mind Subgroups

The People In Mind Subgroups focus on a particular specialist subject or area of involvement for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and People In Mind.  There are currently four People In Mind Subgroups:

  • Policy, Governance and Quality
  • Recruitment
  • Communications, PIM Newsletter and Leaflets
  • Research and Development

Members do not need to attend the People In Mind Forum to be involved in the Subgroups or attend the Subgroup meetings

People In Mind by E-mail

Receive on going information and updates about People In Mind, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and other community organisations, events and initiatives.  Forward your point of view and be involved in consultations and debates without leaving your home.

People In Mind Advocates

Advocates represent and promote People In Mind at The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, external organisation and community events, initiatives and forums. Be involved in promoting and raising awareness of People In Mind, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, mental health and wellbeing and tackling stigma toward mental illness.

The wider and overreaching People In Mind initiatives and projects incorporate into the strategy:

  • People In Mind Befriending and Mentoring
  • PIM2PIM Wisdom
  • PIM2PIM Peer Support Groups
  • Human Resource Library
  • People In Mind Lobbying

People In Mind Volunteering Scheme

Kay Orme at the Anniversary Celebration

The People In Mind Volunteering Scheme enables volunteering opportunities within The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and its professional partners.

It supports recovery, confidence building and develops the work and life experience of the People In Mind members, people experiencing mental ill health and other community members.

The volunteering programme offers placements from administration to the delivery of peer support groups.

Human Resource Library

Click on the leaflet to find out more information about the Human Resource Library

Click on the leaflet for more information about volunteering for the Human Resource Library

The Human Resources Library is a bank of volunteers that hold knowledge and real experience of mental ill health and wellbeing.

The aim of the library is to raise awareness and exchange knowledge of mental ill health and positive wellbeing to individuals, representatives of an organisation or an organisation as a whole.

Getting in touch

PIM cover

Click on the leaflet for more information

For more information about People In Mind, The Human Resources Library, volunteering and how you can be involved please contact Kirstie Barnes on:

Telephone: 0121 565 5605
Mobile: 07508 330460