Sometimes it’s just not easy working all the time. You might need weekends off to look after the kids, Tuesdays to support the family, or every third week off because it gives you the work/life balance that you want. Whatever your reason, gain more control over the days you work by working through the KPG Staff Bank.

Who Can Work Bank Shifts?

Bank shifts are available for individuals across most services (Counselling, Floating Support, Recovery and Residential Care.)

Whether you have a full-time job elsewhere, work with an agency, are a university student (18+), or are looking for a flexible option as your primary income, you are eligible to work staff bank shifts.

The KPG Staff Bank is great for psychology students, as it not only allows you to fit work around your studies, but it gives you hands-on relevant work experience to boost your CV ready for when you qualify.

The Benefits of the KPG Staff Bank

Besides giving you the ultimate flexibility to work when and where you want, staff bank is also a great way to supplement your income or test the water to see what it’s like to work at KPG before applying for a full-time position.

How to Apply for the KPG Staff Bank

If you are ready to start the journey of becoming a KPG bank worker, visit our current vacancies page to see what opportunities we currently have available. Should you choose to apply and be successful at interview, you will then receive a full induction, giving you all of the relevant and necessary training to work in the service.

Once you have completed your induction, you will then be notified of the bank shifts we have available. Accepting shifts is quick and easy, then you are ready to start working.