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10 reasons to love Mondays

10 Reasons to Love Mondays

If you were to ask someone what their least favourite day of the week was, they would most likely say Monday. But why is that? A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content, right?

It’s 7 pm on a Sunday night, you suddenly realise it’s Monday tomorrow and the thought of it is draining. Mondays come once a week just like any other day, so why are they unliked so much?

A new week brings new goals, experiences and excitement, so continue reading to discover #TeamKPG’s top 10 reasons as to why Monday can possibly be the most productive and goal-orientated day of the week…

10 Reasons to love Mondays

  1. A clean slate, the past is in the past
  2. Reignite your motivation
  3. New week = new goals
  4. 5 days to achieve before a well-deserved break
  5. The excitement of planning your next weekend
  6. Your weekend of creativity can spark new ideas for the week ahead
  7. Your daydreams can become a reality
  8. You can learn something new to take forward for the rest of the week
  9. It’s the perfect day to start living a healthy lifestyle
  10. Monday night TV is always good 😉

Next Sunday, when you’re skeptical about Monday morning, think about the positives and the possibilities that can stem from the week ahead. We’d love it if you could share your reasons to love Monday, so we can keep this list growing and continue to spread positivity.

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