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5 signs you need a break from social media

5 signs you need a break from social media

The world of social media doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and for many reasons, we’re kind of glad. Social media is wonderful for connecting us with friends and family who live near or far. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news from your favourite sources, or share news of your own – then it’s a great tool! However, if we’re not careful, we can be more plugged into social media and our phones than we are with our family and friends.

According to a 2019 study, 3.5 billion use social media worldwide. That’s 45% of the population! That’s a lot of people who are posting updates, liking pictures of dogs and sharing the next funny meme. But as fun as social media is, it can be too easy to become too invested, for all of the wrong reasons.

Here are some helpful signs that might show you why you need a break from social media:

You check social media first thing in the morning and the last thing at night

Of course, you want to check your phone to see what’s been going on whilst you slept, but when that ‘want’ becomes a ‘need’, then it’s time for a break.

You can’t put your phone down when you’re in the company of others

We all know it’s super annoying to have that one friend who doesn’t put their phone down when you’re with them. Don’t avoid real-life conversations to keep up with your social media ones.

You are constantly comparing yourself to others or seek validation from ‘likes’

This is more about how social media makes you feel. If you see a photo and wish you could have that sense of style or that luxury holiday, then it’s time to unplug. Remember, people post versions of their ‘best self’ online, so be sure to take some time out and remember how good your life is.

You post about your life on social media before you live it

Do you stage photos specifically for social media? Do you spend a long time thinking about what caption to write? If you find yourself missing moments with people because you’re too busy trying to capture them for your next social media post, then it’s time to put your phone in your pocket and enjoy what’s in front of you.

If you’ve read this blog and thought you could do with some time away from social media, here are some things to do instead:

  • Family game night – they’re super fun and could become a regular thing!
  • Go outside! Whether it be a trip to the park, walking the dog, or doing some gardening, fresh air can do the world of good.
  • Exercise – get your body moving!
  • Try a new recipe for dinner.
  • Plan an outing – it can be anything from a lunch date, a drink with a friend, a community event or visiting a family member for a cup of coffee.
  • Have a pamper day! Do your hair up nice, paint your nails or take a bubble bath – take some time out for yourself.
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