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On the 19th of August, we are inviting everyone to take part in our annual #Chat4Change Day. We want everyone to feel able to talk openly about how they feel, during the good times and the bad. Chat4Change is a powerful way of challenging the stigma that exists around mental health – simply by having a chat about how we are!

We know talking about mental health can feel difficult, so we’ve come up with five tips for starting a conversation this Chat4Change Day – Head to our How To Start A Conversation Tip Sheet!

What is Chat4Change?

Every year, Chat4Change Day, led by The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, encourages everyone to have a chat about mental health on the 19th August. A day dedicated to checking in with each other and ourselves, whilst also smashing the stigma that exists around mental ill-health. Grab a coffee, and get chatting! Remember, it’s ok not to be ok, and there is support and help.

We all have times when our mental health is good and we feel well, content, and positive. But we all have times of struggle too. We might feel low or anxious or stressed. During those times we might feel we need to put on a brave face. But without support, those hard times can be really difficult and lonely, despite the smile we give the world.
But talking openly about how we feel, during the good times and the bad, is a powerful way of challenging the stigma that exists around mental health.

Why participate in Chat4Change?

Nearly nine out of ten people with mental health problems say that stigma and discrimination have a negative effect on their lives. Stigma stops people from talking about how they feel, and stops people getting the help they need. We want to stop the stigma. Chat4Change is your way of challenging the stigma. We need your help to spread the word – one chat at a time – that it’s ok to not be ok, and there is support and help. We need you to help us Chat4Change.


How to do it

Join us, and hundreds of people across the country, on the 19th August to Chat4Change.

Check in with your friends and family. Ask people how they are. Talk about mental health and mental health stigma. Chat about Chat4Change. Tell us about your conversations via #Chat4Change.

Follow the day on our socials via #Chat4Change and let’s smash stigma this Chat4Change Day 2022!

Text Chat4Change to 70085 to donate £5 to support The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s support services. Check out our website for more information on our range of support.

Head to our shop to purchase official Chat4Change merchandise and send us a photo!