Clare Shaw Books

Our partnership with Clare Shaw Books began in August 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clare’s books draw on her own experiences on tricky subjects such as bereavement, with the aim of helping children navigate their thoughts and feelings around grief to help improve their wellbeing.

The books are all written from a child’s perspective and have pages of activities where young readers can express themselves freely, making them truly personalised journals that they can keep forever.

Through our partnership, for every copy of ‘Love Will Never Die’ and ‘At Times I Get These Feelings’ sold at using the code KPG40, you will receive a 40% (rrp) discount, with £1.50 being donated to Kaleidoscope Plus Group from every book sold.

About the books

Love Will Never Die: Helping children through bereavement
Written in a direct and honest way, this book helps children understand the confusion of grief and allows them to ask questions, write down and draw their own feelings.

At Times I Get These Feelings: Helping children with emotions
Children can often find it difficult to identify with an emotion and therefore deal with it. This book contains twelve emotions and offers tips and activities used by teachers and ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) to assist children in their care. This book is already used in schools across the UK and has been hailed a ‘must have’ by teachers and ELSAs across the country.

For more information please visit the Clare Shaw Books website.