Corporate Partnerships

Within any company or organisation both large and small, many employees will be affected by mental health issues, whether they’re parents or young people.

Why partner with us

Partnering with a trusted charity that is supported by a team of dedicated and passionate volunteers reaches into the heart of local communities and allows your business to:

  • Develop your staff’s skills, including communication, teamwork and more
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Attract, motivate and retain staff
  • Increase brand awareness and strengthen your brand
  • Increase sales by associating new products and services with a good cause
  • Help integrate local communities with our brand and yours
  • Any support your company gives will have a big impact

How you can support us

Corporate sponsorship has the potential to have a big impact on the lives of the people we work with. Fundraising events organised by your business can increase team spirit among colleagues, boost morale and motivate your employees. We can help you develop your CSR.

It's easy to get involved

Whether or not your company has worked with a charity before, we’ll make it easy for you to get involved! By choosing us, you’ll be making a big difference to children and young people who are suffering from mental health problems today.

Fundraising events with colleagues boosts morale and team spirit and also motivates your employees further.

The decision to work with The Kaleidoscope Plus Group was an easy one for MSC; the subject of mental health is so important and the work that KPG do, particularly in our community, is vital. MSC’s purpose focuses on making our customers the best they can be, that starts with our people. Our people are our strength and our difference, and by helping them be the best they can be we are achieving our business aspirations. Our partnership means that with their help we can raise awareness amongst our Associates, helping us support each other’s wellbeing, whilst having fun and raising valuable funds for Kaleidoscope.

Penny Davies
HR Director

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