Daniel’s fundraising bike ride honors family friend and raises over £760 for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Suicide Awareness programme.

On Friday 21st June, fundraiser Daniel took part in the Annual Aberdovey Bike Ride, cycling a grueling 106 miles from Wolverhampton to Aberdovey. Along the way, he has impressively raised over £760 for Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Suicide Awareness programme.

Ahead of the day, Daniel told us more about his motivation behind raising the money:

“I am doing this bike ride in memory of Matthew. He and his family have been friends of my partners family for the past thirty years and I met him several times since my partner and I met in 2015. Sadly, Matthew took his own life in 2017, he had just celebrated his fortieth birthday. His death changed many people’s lives forever. He hid his pain so well, that those closest to him wondered how they could have missed how he was feeling.

The need to talk, to find that safe space to let it all out, to articulate the pain and distress without fear of burdening loved ones is so important. Men in particular often find talking about their feelings difficult. I chose to raise money for Kaleidoscope because they see that need and they offer that support. That support may be the difference between someone making the decision to live rather than to die and that is the legacy that Matthew would have wanted to leave and his family continue to work to that end in his memory.”

After several hours in the saddle, with encouragement along the route from organisers of the event as well as fellow riders, Daniel arrived in sunny Aberdovey to a hero’s welcome!

“The cycle on Friday started with an easy start in West Park, Wolverhampton. At the start there is a lot of over excited middle-aged cyclists looking forward to a nice bike ride. That enthusiasm never really disappears but the effort of 106 miles eventually catches up with you. As the miles start to build a few legs get tired and the cyclists start to spread out. As you come along the final road there seem to be endless turns that you think are going to be the last. When you finally make the final turn and downhill stretch into Aberdovey you are met with lots of cheers and a cow bell. The cow bell is the most motivating instrument I have ever heard. The overall feeling is a great sense of achievement as you share the stories of the day with other cyclists.”

The dedication of Daniel’s ride to Matthew serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of mental health issues and the importance of supporting organisations that provide essential resources and help to those in distress.

Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Suicide Awareness programme provides crucial support and resources to those struggling with mental health issues, emphasising the need for open dialogue and signposting vital access to help. Daniel’s fundraising efforts not only honour Matthew’s memory but also contribute to the ongoing battle against suicide, offering hope and support to those in need.

We couldn’t be more proud of you Daniel! Thank you for choosing Kaleidoscope Plus Group and for helping us raise awareness and much needed support for all those affected by suicide.

If, like Daniel, you’re interested in raising money for Kaleidoscope Plus Group by taking part in a sponsored event then contact Eve Vines at [email protected] or visit www.kaleidoscopeplus.org.uk/fundraise-for-us

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