The Kaleidoscope Plus Group have teamed up with reality TV star, Bobby Norris, to stomp out online hate, this World Social Media Day.

Trolls were once mythical creatures who lurked only in the pages of fairy tales, but unfortunately, due to the rise of social media, they’ve now become a very real part of daily life for many – that’s why #TeamKPG have joined forces with TOWIE star, Bobby Norris, in a bid to empower people from every walk of life, to join in the conversation, say it’s not okay, and champion a change in online behaviour.

Bobby makes no secret of the online abuse he’s subjected to, often taking to Instagram to re-post some of the shocking homophobic messages he receives on a daily basis.

Social media is a powerful tool and gives people a platform to express themselves and allow their voices to be heard. However, because social media has evolved so quickly and has a deep impact on interpersonal relationships, it’s important to explore the potential effects on a person’s emotional and mental health.

As a mental health and wellbeing charity, we have seen first-hand the negative effects of social media. Social media is not a life comparing tool – the amount of likes you receive does not validate your self-worth, and someone else’s comment should not dictate how you see yourself.

At The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, we say if you have been, or are being affected by online abuse, it is okay to seek help. You will not be branded as weak for doing so. #FarFromReality has been created to remind people that no one is immune to abuse and mental illness. Reality TV stars and celebs are often portrayed to lead ‘perfect’ lives, but what we see on social media, is far from reality. They too struggle with daily life from time to time, just like the rest of us. Our message is clear, to anyone who’s being tormented by online abuse – don’t suffer in silence, tell someone, ask for help. It’s okay to not be okay.

We are determined to spread some positivity online this World Social Media Day – that’s why, alongside this video, we’ve created a Facebook group to allow people to express themselves in a place where they can feel safe, speak to likeminded individuals and access a wide range of mental health and well-being resources. Check it out.

As well as encouraging people to pledge their support for the campaign by sharing selfies and videos using #FarFromReality we are also urging anyone struggling to deal with online abuse to seek help via our online Self Help Toolbox.

To support our services and to help us help those in need, you can donate £5 by texting TEAMKPG to 70085. Texts cost your £5 donation, plus 1 standard rate network message.

We thank you for your continued love and support.