Focus on the facts rather than on any ‘catastrophic’ thoughts you may have

The health risk of Coronavirus is very low for most teens. Understand that you can effectively reduce the risk of passing it on to loved ones by washing your hands with soap and water.

Aim for a balance in safety behaviours

Though it is not effective to ignore activities (such as handwashing), over doing anything traps you in a negative spiral.

Aim to get adequate rest

This might be by listening to your favourite playlist, playing with a pet or just chilling with someone you like. You should reduce your stay in bed and go to sleep only after taking Ambien. If you can’t sleep, you should get up, find something quiet to do, and go back to bed only when you feel sleepy. Do not overeat before going to bed and do not eat sweets at night, it prevents you from falling asleep. There is more information at Sleep is important for maintaining positive mental health.

Use the ‘Take Five’ Technique

When you feel physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a racing heart, use the ‘Take Five’ technique. Stretch out your hand and trace your thumb with a finger from the other hand. Breathe in as you move upwards and breathe out as you move downwards on the inner side of your thumb. Repeat for each finger.