Interview with the two fundraisers running the length of Luxembourg to raise money for KPG

Callum Wilkinson (19) & Ethan Hodder (20) are running the length of Luxembourg to raise money for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group. Mental Health is something that is close to both of their hearts and they are determined to raise funds to help others who are struggling to manage their Mental Health. 

We here at #TeamKPG wanted to find out more about these inspiring young men and why they are doing this so we decided to interview them!

KPG: Why is Mental Health so important to you?

Ethan: Myself and my mom both suffer from depression so I am aware, first hand, the damage and the impact that can have on people and those around them. 

Callum: My mom has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety so, from a personal point of view, seeing someone that close to you have a visibly rubbish time can be pretty hard. 

KPG: Why do you guys want to run across Luxembourg?

Ethan: We are very dumb. 

Callum: I have always had the urge to “push the boat” and really try to challenge myself. Luxembourg will be a challenge but is also very realistic and doable. Also, I want to be able to tell cool stories and this seems like a pretty good one. It’s also something that not many people can say that they have done – this is pretty appealing to me.

KPG: What is something that you do to protect your own mental health?

Ethan: Keep busy and occupied all day. Don’t give yourself time to get in your own head. Find a sport or something that you can channel your energy into, in a positive manner. For me, this whole run has allowed me to do that. Along the way, I also picked up boxing. 

Callum: Same as Ethan, really. Keep busy and occupied. Always have goals set and things to work towards. I have found that I am at my best, mentally, when I have a “purpose” and a reason to get up and after it each day. Without any goals, I tend to find that I am just sitting around which breeds negative thoughts in my mind. 

KPG: What are you most looking forward to about the run?

Ethan: I am looking forward to exploring a country from a very different perspective. 

Callum: Same as Ethan. Also looking forward to bumping into some local people along the way and just meeting new people in general. 

KPG: What scares you the most about the run?

Ethan: Getting injured. 

Callum: Getting cramp about 5 miles in doesn’t sound very ideal. I have no doubt that we will complete the run but I think I am worried about the absolute mess that my body will be in for a week or so after we are done. 


KPG: Why did you choose KPG?

Ethan: I know from experience how hard struggling with mental health can be so I thought that the least we can do is raise money for a charity that actually aims to make a positive difference. 

Callum: We wanted to support a charity that was based in the Black Country. I have been aware of KPG for a few years as a result of the football club that I support – Kidderminster Harriers. Prior to contacting you guys, I knew that helping people was at the forefront of what you do, so for us, even if we are able to assist you in doing that with the funds that we raise, it would be a great feeling. 


KPG: Lastly, what’s one thing you want to say to anybody who is reading this right now?

Ethan: Do stupid things, enjoy life to the fullest and don’t take things too seriously. 

Callum: Life is too short to think about “What ifs” just get up and get after it. In my opinion, the worst feeling is looking back and thinking “what could have been”. Take control of your life, do things that give you enjoyment and just have fun! 


I think that is beautiful advice from them that we can all take into our day to day lives.

From March 26th to March 28th, they will be running from the southern to the northernmost point of Luxembourg. This equates to 70 miles in 3 days.

Please donate what you can to support them at the link down below. Thank you boys!

Callum Wilkinson is fundraising for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group (