Kaleidoscope Plus Group is looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to represent KPG in their local community and organise smaller events, information stands, group talks to speak publicly about the work of the charity and if possible, share you experiences of KPG through networking with groups and individuals.

Requirements: You will need to be a motivated self-starter who can work independently with minimal supervision, however support will always be available, you will need to be able to work, be fully flexible, committed and fully reliable. Alongside having a good communication skills, the ability to speak or present confidently in public and the ability to work and interact with a variety of people is crucial.

Responsibilities: You will be liaising with services within KPG, building a clear awareness and understanding of the services provided by the organisation. You will need to maintain good working relationships with colleagues at all levels whilst promoting good employee relations and communications. You will be sharing your experiences of Kaleidoscope Plus Group through networking with groups and individuals to promote the work of KPG in the local community.

Job Category: Volunteer
Job Location: West Bromwich

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