The Kaleidoscope Plus Group is looking for very observant volunteers to mentor new volunteer or work experience students, who will be there to guide and advise, striving to meet set goals and to help the new volunteer/work experience students achieve their potential, whilst serving as a good role model to them.

You will need to be a highly observant, empathic and dedicated person with excellent verbal and written communication skills, have a good knowledge of the services provided in KPG, training will be provided. Previous experience in mentoring role will be beneficial but not essential.

You will be liaising with services within KPG, building a clear awareness and understanding of the services provided by the organisation. You will need to maintain good working relationships with colleagues at all levels whilst promoting good employee relations and communications. You will provide guidance and support to our new volunteer/work experience students in order to help them make the most of their time volunteering for KPG, you will also provide encouragement and motivation to our new volunteers/work experience students throughout their journey with KPG and help them identify and achieve their goals, both short term and long term.

Job Category: Volunteer
Job Location: West Bromwich

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