The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Community Wellbeing Worker Amy Watling-Cash will be introducing an exciting new group called Dramarama


Dramarama is a group that encourages service users to express themselves and their feelings through drama. There will be lively ice breakers, games and activities each week you won’t need to be a budding actress or actor to join in the fun.

Amy is looking forward to the prospect of taking a drama group and knows it will only increase the positive wellbeing of service users.

She said “It’s amazing what a difference drama can make to your mood, just to get into a different character for the afternoon and its great fun too.

“Be prepared to laugh, play and create at Dramarama!”

The Dramarama group will run every Thursday in the Mezz from 2:30pm.

To register your interest or to find out more about Dramarama please contact Amy on 07795952676 or the Community Wellbeing team on 0121 565 5605.