premature baby knit The Kaleidoscope Plus Group needs help to knit hats and cardigans for premature babies at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley.

Having a premature baby can be a scary time for parents, so receiving donated hats and cardigans can take away the worry about finding suitable premature baby clothing.

Premature baby clothing can also help babies regulate their temperature which give them a better chance of growing strong.

Community Wellbeing Worker, Catie Miller facilitates the sewing group, “Sewing by Hand” at The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and it was her idea to knit for premature babies.

She said: “With any groups I take at The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, I always want to give back wherever I can.

“After speaking with Russells Hall Hospital I felt like this was a perfect opportunity to do so.

“By taking one less stress factor away from parents who have premature babies would be a great thing to do.”

The Sewing by Hand group is run every Thursday in Merry Hill, however if you are unable to attend Catie encourages all who want to help to to knit from home and pass on their knitwear to any of the Community Wellbeing Team.

To find out more about Sewing by Hand and how you can help, please give Community Wellbeing’s, Catie Miller a call on 0121 565 5605.