1 The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Community Wellbeing started the new year’s Wellbeing at the Weekend service in style with a weekend trip to the Black Country Living Museum.

Black Country Living Museum is a remarkable place to explore, enjoy and spend time.

Set in a landscape of 26 acres, it is one of the most extraordinary open-air museums in the UK; offering a glimpse into 200 years of history like no other.

The weekend trip was facilitated by Community Wellbeing Worker, Rebecca Clark who was amazed at the level of detail at the museum.

She said: “The eye for detail and accuracy at the museum was astonishing.


“Every building there was moved brick by brick from the town to the museum meaning it is exactly how it was 200 years ago.

“The Black Country Museum even had the old fashioned fish and chips for all the service users to enjoy and feel like a part of history!”

To find out more about other groups run by our Community Wellbeing service please contact Rebecca Clark on 0121 565 7818.