PIM Member, Kay Orme, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson and PIM Member Natalie Tucker at the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Awards

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s service user involvement strategy, People In Mind (PIM) will be trained to offer support to individuals through the PIM Hate Crime Reporting Centre and Safe Place Scheme with West Midlands Police.

The Hate Crime Reporting Centre allows victims and witnesses of crime to feel safe and comfortable when reporting a hate crime incident. For a victim or witness to be able to report hate crimes in a familiar environment prevents them from withholding information which in turn helps the police to understand the full extent of the hate crime and to take action against the perpetrator.

The Safe Place Scheme encourages those who feel vulnerable to carry a safe places card and to be vigilant of the Safe Place’s logo on community buildings. Should anybody be in trouble, they know they can come to a Safe Place Scheme community building such as The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s head office, Hawthorns House where they can make contact with their contact from their safe places card thus ensuring their safety. By having this system in place, will only help those feeling vulnerable to become more independent.

Community Engagement and Fundraising Coordinator, Kirstie Barnes is delighted PIM will be able to offer support to vulnerable people.

She said: “I’m also happy people who have witnessed or been a victim of crime now have somewhere they can report that without fear of any repercussions of doing so.

“It’s also pleasing to know anybody who is in trouble, whether that is if they are lost or scared will have a safe place to go.

“In addition, the PIM Hate Crime Reporting Centre and Safe Place Schemes will link perfectly with the PIM Hope Project as the project aims to become a recognised ‘hub’ for mental health information, crisis and support, giving aid to people who have become isolated which is fantastic.”