Plus prog poster - Broadway North
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We are delighted to announce the return of the PLUS (Positive Lives Using Skills) Programme which was introduced to boost wellbeing, resulting in a happier and healthier life.

We all face an array of emotions on a day to day basis and sometimes these emotions can become overwhelming for us all.

The PLUS Programme gives a deeper understanding of emotions, and will equip attendees with a self-management portfolio full of coping strategies and techniques to help improve life.

This ten session course will also help outline and understand the importance wellbeing.

The psycho-educational course is aimed at anybody over the age of 16 who would like to manage their wellbeing more effectively and make a positive change for a happier, healthier life.

The Plus Programme will be starting on Monday 15th February from 10:00am at Broadway North Recovery College.

To book your place or find out more about the Plus Programme please contact Wellbeing Plus on 0121 565 7818.