plus programme logo Having completed the Plus Programme, one of our service users (Emmie Benbow) recently put together a poem about her time on the Plus Programme Called ‘A Little Group of Strangers

A little bunch of strangers walked into the Epic Cafe,
They didn’t sit together, that’s the usual was you see.
They nodded to each other but didn’t smile or laugh,
I know for a fact how scared they were cos one of that group was me.
We all felt apprehensive; often we can be quite shy,
Sometimes lips would tighten or an eyebrow might droop.
We wondered if others would tell the truth or even if some may lie,
My own mind shuddered that first day we began our little group.
Would others understand I thought, would they see my pain?
But I noticed lots of lowered eyes and nervous twisting hands,
We shared many tales of troubles and in them there was no shame.
Anxiety, depression and anger are felt in all our world’s lands.
There were many intense feelings and talk of self abuse,
But as we shared these feelings, the group soon became my crutch,
But the crutch is only there for short term use,
As week by week we learned to share so much.
We were still just a bunch of strangers brought together by fate.
Each with issues making us feel so alone.
Then we were taught that it is never too late,
For belief in ourselves to suddenly have grown.
Though each one different we all had a plan,
To begin to share our laughter, tears and stories.
We were taught it’s never ‘can’t it’s always CAN!
And lowering your goals can still bring you glory.
So beneath the watchful eyes of Johnny and Dave,
Who shared their own issues and fears as they they tried,
To help us keep our journals, to relax and try to save,
All the men time we could have, as the name of the group implied.
So now I try to embrace wellbeing and any pleasures I feel,
From compliments to sharing simple thoughts.
I can’t say my life has totally changed for real.
But Dave and Johnny know the changes. well, of sorts.
So as our group comes to an end, even i can see we’re different than before.
Much has changed since the little group first met,
We’re not a group of strangers anymore,
We’re a group who are learning how to go out and GET!

Emmie Benbow, 2016

Thank you to The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Dave Pickard and Johnny Taylor for facilitating the Plus Programme and helping this particular group on this course.