plus programme logo Our Plus Programme has been an overwhelming success with 100% of attendees rating the Plus Programme “excellent” or “very good” (60% and 40% respectfully) and attendees’ knowledge regarding health and wellbeing increasing from 58% to 92% after 10 sessions.

The Plus Programme, which was introduced to boost wellbeing, gives a deeper understanding of emotions and equips participants with a self-management portfolio containing coping strategies and techniques to help improve their lives, resulting in them being healthier and happier.

The programme was led by Wellbeing Plus Team Leader, Dave Pickard who was delighted with 80% of people rating the facilitation of the course “excellent” and 100% of people rating the content of the course “excellent” or “good” (80% and 20% respectfully).

He said: “It personally feels great that the facilitation of the Plus Programme was rated so highly especially as there were a total of 10 sessions.

“More importantly, everyone who went on the Plus Programme has come out of it learning new techniques and coping mechanisms in regards to their feelings, meaning their wellbeing will only become more positive.”

Feedback from people who completed the course has also been fantastic with recommendations for others to complete the Plus Programme.

Participants said:

“Training was very engaging, caring and kind, making context interesting, professional and friendly.”

“Dave was a good listener who provided sound advice and guidance; I definitely would recommend the Plus Programme.”

“The training was very informative and easy to take on board, I would encourage others to this programme.”

“The Plus Programme has helped me to cope better when feeling anxious or depressed and has taught me to not neglect my feelings and needs.”

“I will take all of what I’ve learned and start to put it into practice to improve my wellbeing.”

“When I have moments of negativity, I will remember what I was taught on the Plus Programme to help me.”