During the month of July, Sandwell Academy students Zuhraiz Chaudhury and Riana Kaur completed work experience placements in the PR and Communications department with PR, Marketing and Communications Officer, Anil Patel.

After completing their placements, they sat down with Anil to reflect upon their time at the charity.

AP: How did you feel on your first day?

ZC: When I first arrived, I felt welcomed and was made to feel really comfortable. I was given ample time to settle in and the workload slowly introduced so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Any tasks I had to complete were explained in detail and whenever I needed help it was readily available. There was also a very relaxing environment within the office which eased my initial nerves.

RK: As soon as I entered on my first day, I could tell it was a very relaxed atmosphere. However, this partially may have been due my pre-visit in June where I met any members of staff. All the people were very welcoming and positive and upbeat which automatically made me feel good too.

AP: What did you expect?

ZC: When I initially found out I would be working in communications, I just assumed I would be filing and doing other mundane tasks however this wasn’t the case at all. I was given creative control for certain aspects of the charity social media platforms. This made my time at The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, challenging but rewarding.

RK: My expectations were that the office was going to be a lot more corporate however this wasn’t case with deadlines and targets easily attainable as long you worked hard.

AP: What did you like about your placement?

ZC: I liked the fact that I was trusted with creating social media content which represented the organisation. It allowed me to be creative and do something that I thoroughly enjoy as I also create content for my own personal social media platforms in my spare time.

RK: There wasn’t a stand out thing I enjoyed so to speak by their few a few contributing factors which made my work experience enjoyable. I enjoyed working with the diverse members of staff at the charity as they were always friendly and made me feel like a valued member of the team. They were very social which made my time a lot easier. I also enjoyed helping build the database as this will give the charity to reach out to more people about their services.

AP: What did you dislike about your placement?

ZC: Personally, there was noting that I did not like and this is definitely the type of organisation I would like to work for when I have completed my studies.

RK: Probably sound about cliché but nothing really apart from it took a couple of days for me to adjust to the working hours as my school day normally ends at 3:20pm

AP: How could your work experience be improved?

ZC: For me, I don’t think there was much to be improved. Whether it was a task, the way it was explained to me or even the environment, it was all to a very high standard. There was professionalism but also a good amount of friendliness too, which was helpful for me to work more relaxingly.

RK: It would have been nice to meet everybody at the charity and learn a bit more about what each person does. However, due to the nature of some the work and safeguarding issues, I understand this may have been difficult.