#TeamKPG CEO Monica Shafaq on Instagram’s new diet promotion policies

Hi everyone, it’s Monica Shafaq here – CEO of The Kaleidoscope Plus Group! As you may have heard, Instagram has announced a brand-new policy which involves a significant clamp down on ‘miraculous’ diet products and cosmetic procedures. Could this be the end of a Kardashian-led era?

Instagram and Young People:

Are you ready for some hard-hitting facts? Around 30% of 10-14-year olds are actively dieting, whilst 53% of 13-year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies. This number grows to 78% by the time they reach 17 years of age!

It’s quite clear that social media can have a daunting effect on how we see ourselves and other people, and as mental health and wellness charity, we have seen first-hand the effects it can have on young teens!

In 2017, Instagram was voted the ‘worst social media for mental health’. Teenagers and young adults are still trying to find themselves in the big, wide, world and every day, we are being exposed to digitally manipulated or airbrushed photos of people we know, making it easy for our perception on reality to become distorted.

Thankfully, Instagram seem to have recognised this and have taken pride in doing amazing things to protect their users. Especially this year! From now, all users that are under the age of 18 will no longer see posts on diet products and cosmetic procedures that include a price or have an incentive to buy!

Banning Bogus Claims on Instagram:

Whilst Instagram will be restricting posts for under 18’s, posts that make ‘miraculous’ claims about certain diet or weight loss products, and are linked to offers and discounts will be removed completely under the new policy! This means that celebrities such as the Kardashians, Cardi B and Chloe Ferry – who regularly endorse fad diets, supplements, flat-tummy teas and dangerous cosmetic producers, will have a restriction on their posts for under 18’s and may be removed altogether if their promotional posts do not follow the new guidelines. These women are beautiful, amazing and have massively worked hard to achieve their status! So by all means, I can’t say bad about them. It’s just a shame that these types of posts have such an impact on the way a person sees themselves.

In my opinion, removing the posts all together means for a much safer Instagram feed. How many times have you compared yourself to an image of an overly-photoshopped celebrity or influencer? We are all guilty of it! If you fancy a detox from your Instagram feed, check out Happier’s top 10 of the happiest Instagram feeds to follow > https://www.happier.com/blog/the-10-happiest-instagram-feeds-to-follow /

“We want Instagram to be a positive place for everyone that uses it and this policy is part of our ongoing work to reduce the pressure that people can sometimes feel as a result of social media,” – Instagram’s public policy manager, Emma Collins.

My comments on Instagram’s new policy:

I massively applaud Instagram on their recent changes and would say it’s a positive step in the right direction for social media! After Instagram announced the launch of two, new, anti-bullying features earlier this year – which encouraged positive interactions and allowed users to secretly block trolls, clearly shows that the popular social media platform is accepting a duty of care for the mental health of its users!

If you’re in need of a place on social media that is filled with positivity, kind thoughts, messages of support and a safe spot to express yourself without judgement – you are more than welcome to join our Facebook group: The Positive Place! Ourselves and our members post an array of quotes, self-care tips and mental health and wellness guides! Click here to join > https://www.facebook.com/groups/2248255501895844/