With Stoptober right around the corner it’s a better time than any to stub out smoking


The Kaleidoscope Plus Group are always supporting service users to quit smoking, but with Stoptober due to start it days, we are encouraging all smokers to give up smoking more than ever by taking advantage of our Smoking Cessation service. Our trained Community Wellbeing team offer one to one support to stop smoking, as well as prescribe you all of the nicotine replacement products you require.

Community Wellbeing’s Heidi Dowd is always excited when Stoptober comes around as she takes great pride in helping others quit smoking.

She said: It makes me feel great when I help people quit smoking as I know I have only improved their long term health and saved them a lot of money in the process as a smoker who smokes 60 cigarettes day, spends a whopping £700.00 a month.”

Alongside the cash benefits of quitting smoking being gigantic, the health implications are too, with the risk of lung cancer falling to 50% of that of a smoker after 10 years of quitting.

Senior Wellbeing Worker, Heather Lomax strongly believes the health benefits of quitting smoking are definitely worth tackling as cutting the bad habit can dramatically improve skin after just one month.

She said; “The health benefits of stopping smoking are immense!

“After just 48 hours the ability to taste and smell improves significantly and after 1 year the risk of a heart attack reduces by 50% compared to that of a smoker”

If you want to stop smoking and need help or you would like more information, contact the Community Wellbeing Team on 0121 565 5605.