On the 6th and 7th of November, we hosted the “Working Together: ASIST Trainers’ Conference,” at our conferencing facilities, Hawthorns House.

The two day conference united many trainers from across the globe whilst teaching them new techniques to help them to become better facilitators.

ASIST is an interactive accredited workshop that prepares caregivers to provide suicide first aid interventions and is approved by the World Health Organisation.

Our ASIST trainer, Sue Vincent attended the conference and feels it will help her to improve her facilitation of the course.

She said: “The skills I’ve picked up from the conference will allow me to deliver ASIST at a higher standard going forward which will only be beneficial for participants.”

She added: “I personally feel very proud that the charity held the conference at Hawthorns House as this is where we deliver the majority of ASIST.”

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