The Kaleidoscope Plus Group have donated £500 towards the Grenfell Tower Disaster to help support those affected by the tragedy.

On June 14th 2017, the fire which occurred at 24 storey high Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, claimed numerous victims and has impacted on those who survived the blaze and live in the local area.

Our Chief Executive, Monica Shafaq said she was devastated and heartbroken when she heard the tragic news and has been considering how the charity could support those affected.

She said: “The Kaleidoscope Plus Group offers its deepest condolences to all the friends and families affected by the Grenfell Tower Disaster.

“An event like this is likely to have a huge impact on the emotional wellbeing of not only those directly affected but also people across the country due to the nature and scale of the tragedy.

“We have been considering how the charity can help and have contemplated visiting the local area.

“We recognise that many people there are in need of specialist emotional and psychological support which although is one of our areas of expertise, would be unfair and counter-productive to provide unless we could continue supporting individuals in the medium to long term.

“I hope that our donation can make a difference and help in some way, our thoughts and prayers are with you all.”