p go phones During the school holidays, staff based at The Kaleidoscope Plus Group head office, Hawthorns House have noticed a sudden influx of silent teenagers glued to their smartphones at Hawthorns House.

The explanation, our head office is an official Pokémon Go Stop!

Anil Patel from PR and Communications was puzzled by the rapid increase of teenagers accumulating around Hawthorns House but soon realised why they were there.

He said: “Everyone at the charity and other tenants of building did wonder why people were turning up, staring intently at their phones for a bit, and then going away but then someone explained about the new Pokémon Go game.

“Working at a busy head office which hosts numerous tenants as well as regular Community Wellbeing sessions in the Mezz means we’re used to groups collecting in numbers however this is a new for one for us!

“People across the country have become obsessed with Niantic and Nintendo’s augmented reality game Pokémon Go, where players have to go to real-life locations to ‘catch’ virtual Pokémon on their phones.

“With Hawthorns House being a designated Poké Stop, I’m sure we will see many Pokémon Trainers in the coming months especially as there is a Pokémon Gym less than a minute away based near the local train station.”