A mental health awareness group based in Stone Cross, West Bromwich have raised a fantastic £500 for The Kaleidoscope Plus Group.

The monthly based group, which is led by Lynne Tandy, is peer-led and focuses on mental health and wellbeing, encouraging open discourse whilst increasing awareness of mental ill health.

Care Services Manager, Vicki Fox accepted the money raised on behalf of The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and believes it will benefit charity.

She said: “With a stigma still attached to mental health, this money will allow The Kaleidoscope Plus Group to continue providing the diverse and engaging groups they offer to service users whilst improving their mental health and wellbeing and ultimately helping them to stay well”

Lynne Tandy who leads the Stone Cross mental health awareness group also offers Complementary Therapies and massages at our head office, Hawthorns House and has a host of special offers throughout the summer months.

To find out more about the Stone Cross mental health group or the Complementary Therapies, please contact Lynne Tandy on 07743052065 or alternatively by email at lynnetandy.arbonne@gmail.com