Group In March, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group’s Community Wellbeing service went on an exciting trip to remember to Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, meeting a vast array of wildlife from the animal kingdom.

Located two miles south of Birmingham City Centre, Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park homes a wide range of exotic animals including, Alaotran Gentle Lemurs, Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkeys, Northern Bald Ibis, Utila Island Iguanas and Cotton Topped Tamarins.

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park’s main aims are to save endangered species through captive breeding programmes as well as educate all visitors to the park about the importance of wildlife, particularly endangered species and the potential of them going extinct.

The wildlife trip was facilitated by Community Wellbeing Worker, Rebecca Clark who believes it proved to be a fantastic way to educate service users whilst allowing them to have an enjoyable day out.


She said: The Wellbeing Trip to Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park was definitely a great way for our service users to learn about a variety animals, giving them a real insight into all the different animals in the world.

“Whether you’re interested in animal conservation or just having a fun day out with your family, I would definitely recommend Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park as it offers something for everyone!”