The Kaleidoscope Plus Group will shortly be launching a national Suicide Prevention SMS Line.

The SMS Line will give people who are feeling vulnerable or who are at risk of taking their own life a safe and confidential place to contact us by text so that they can seek the support that they need to help keep them safe and well.

With 5,688 registered suicides in Great Britain in 2016 (Office for National Statistics 2017), our Chief Executive, Monica Shafaq feels as organisation it’s vital to take action.

She said: “As a charity that works with people at risk of suicide, we are always looking at ways to support those who are most in crisis in a safe and effective way.

“Research has shown that many people prefer to initially communicate by text before seeking one to one support.

“Talking about suicide and suicidal thoughts can be very difficult to do so if it’s made easier to start a discussion by text, that’s what we will do.

“With suicide rates in Britain over 5,000, we hope that our Crisis Line will be able to help reduce this saddening statistic and combat the stigma that it associated with it.”

The service will operate outside of traditional office hours and will be managed by both staff and trained volunteers. Information events are being held to recruit volunteers for the service. Training and mentoring will be provided to all those successfully recruited.

Wellbeing Services Co-ordinator, Dave Pickard who will be involved with the SMS Crisis Line service encourages all to come along and find out more about the service.

He said: “With the national suicide rates so high, I’m urging anybody who is interested in helping somebody who is contemplating taking their own life to join us for either of the SMS Crisis Line presentation evenings in October.”

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group will be hosting two presentation days on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th October, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, giving attendees the opportunity to find out more about the Crisis Line service.

For further information and to attend, please contact us on 0121 565 5605 or alternately by email at info@kaleidoscopeplus.org.uk.