1. Never count to 10 – count backwards 10-1


2. Do some Deep breathing exercises such as practising 7/11 breathing

7/11 Breathing Video


3. Walk away from the situation if you can – take time out


4. It’s so important to know what your triggers are to anger – this way you can learn what you need to do if that issue approaches


5. Try out self-calming techniques such as mindfulness


6. Talk to somebody about your anger and frustration


7. If you notice you are frequently angry – it might be worth keeping a diary of your anger and look for any triggers – then jot down how you reacted – but also ways you could have reacted differently


8. Engage in some physical activity to release any frustration that you may have. #TeamKPG Dave Pickard finds spin classes at his local gym really good for this!

Dave sees several benefits from engaging in exercise


9. Ask yourself – Why is this making me angry? How is my anger helping this situation and what would be different if I remained calm?


10. f you are experiencing anger for longer than two weeks, we strongly recommend that you go and see your GP – this will help you explore what services are available