1. Slow down your breathes by doing some deep breathing – try 4/7 or 7/11 breathing

7/11 Breathing Video


2. Challenge your unhelpful thoughts


3.Share your worries with somebody you trust – whether that’s a friend, family member, colleague, GP


4. What helped the last time you felt this way? Can you try now?


5. Try some light exercise such as going out for a walk

AnxietyUK Physical Exercise and Anxiety



6. Keep a journal of when you are anxious, and jot down what you think may have triggered the anxiety, but more importantly, what helped


7. Practice a mindfulness technique


8. Make sure you allow time for doing something you enjoy – self-care is essential!


9. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and mood altering substances – also be mindful of how much sugar is in your diet


10. If you are experiencing anxiety for longer than two weeks, we strongly recommend that you go and see your GP – this will help you explore what services are available