1. Talk to somebody about how you feel – whether it be a friend, family member or colleague


2. Try and get involved in social activities – whether it be with friends or community groups


3. Improve your sleep routine


4. Set small goals for each day for you to achieve – making sure  they are realistic on how you feel on that day, its key that you create a structure to your day


5. Engage in self-care – look after yourself – do something that you enjoy at least once a day


6. Keep a though diary on how you feel each day – and try to challenge any negative thoughts that come up – keep positive affirmations in your diary!!


7. Practice a mindfulness technique


8. Try some light exercise such as going out for a walk


9. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and mood altering substances – also be mindful of how much sugar is in your diet


10. If you are experiencing low mood for longer than two weeks, we strongly recommend that you go and see your GP – this will help you explore what services are available