Primary Mental
Health Workers

Work with children and young people, families and carers and professionals providing support where there are emotional or mental health concerns.

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Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHWs) come from a range of professional backgrounds having specialist training and experience in helping children, young people and their families and carers when there are emotional or mental health concerns.

Skills include but are not exclusive of:

• Counselling
• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
• Play Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Transactional Analysis
• Solution Focussed
• Humanistic Approaches
• Trauma and Attachment
• Family Functioning

We work with children and young people, families and carers and a range of professional partners.

Primary Mental Health Workers are based within each of the Six Towns Community Operating Groups (COGs)

• West Bromwich;
• Oldbury;
• Tipton;
• Smethwick;
• Rowley;
• Wednesbury.

Also within the:

• Youth Offending Service (YOS);
• Looked After Children’s Team (LAC);
• Child Sexual Exploitation Team (CSE);

We work with professionals working with children and young people, families and carers to support their work where there are concerns about emotional wellbeing or mental health

We also support and train others to understand mental health and respond sensitively and positively, so that Mental Health is ‘Everyone’s Business’

We provide multi-agency training to encourage skills development and further knowledge

Assessment and joint working on complex cases

Direct interventions to children, young people, families and parents/carers with cases open to the:

• Community Operating Groups (COG)
• Youth Offending Service (YOS)
• Children Social Care
• Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

A pathway to direct mental health interventions for children, young people and adults which may also include stepping up or stepping down to other services.

Where to find us?

T: 0121 569 7291
E: tipton_cog@sandwell.gov.uk

T: 0121 569 7294
E: wednesbury_cog@sandwell.gov.uk

West Bromwich:
T: 0121 569 7293
E: westbrom_cog@sandwell.gov.uk

T: 0121 569 7295
E: oldbury_cog@sandwell.gov.uk

T: 0121 569 7296
E: rowley_cog@sandwell.gov.uk

T: 0121 569 7297
E: smethwick_cog@sandwell.gov.uk

Youth Offending Service:
T: 0121 552 3125

Children Sexual Exploitation & Children’s
Social Care (Sandwell Council House):
T: 0121 569 2200