Interview with Ex-Service User – Kevin

Here at the Kaleidoscope Plus Group, we’ve been lucky enough to help a vast number of different people over our 50 years in service. Kevin Robbins (62 years old) is one of those people. The following is an interview about his time with KPG.

Kaleidoscope Plus Group: What brought you and KPG together?

Kevin: I’ve known KPG for many years before I came to them. I used to run a mental health charity and we used to help people get jobs and help them set up their homes. Originally, I was approached by KPG to help with one of their clients and that sparked a very good relationship between us. However, recently, I’ve come back into contact with KPG because of a change in my personal situation. My marriage had collapsed, and this affected my life massively. KPG was there for me with advice, help and support. They offered me work again which helped me get back on my feet. Lynne Bright and Jim Brennan went above and beyond. In fact, that’s what impressed me the most. Having worked in the charity sector, I know the difference between a good and bad charity and you guys are fantastic. The compassion and care is second to none.

KPG: What specific help did KPG provide you with?

Kevin: I found myself in an unusual situation which I never thought I would be in. Due to my relationship with my wife deteriorating, I was locked out of my own home but because it was in my name, I couldn’t get onto the council housing list. This led to me living in my van as my money was running out and I couldn’t stay in a hotel anymore. From there, I ended up living in a storage container for a few weeks and I almost froze to death. As you can imagine, my mental health began to suffer during this time. I was stressed and spiraling. I tried really hard to be self-sufficient but it was hard. The situation was just adding to my depression. Until, finally, I decided there was nothing to do but ask for help. I phoned Lynne and Jim to see how they could help me. I remembered how good they were at their job and thought they could help me. They helped me find a place to live and get back on my feet. Even just having them there on my side made me feel less alone. It filled me with hope having somebody standing in your corner. They listened to me.

KPG: How did you feel after your time with us?

Kevin: Through working with KPG and the encouragement I was getting, I built up this confidence that gave me the courage to apply to different places. They helped me fill out the application that got me living in a 55+ residential area. I felt like I had some hope again.

KPG: Would you recommend KPG to anybody who is looking for help?

Kevin: Without a doubt! Without a doubt, I would recommend the Kaleidoscope Plus Group to anybody looking for help. You guys provide an invaluable service that supports people in times of crisis when they need help. You provide empathy which is so crucial.

KPG: What last words do you want to leave our audience with?

Kevin: There is a crucial need for services like The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and I encourage anybody who is seeking help to reach out to them because they can and will provide an empathetic ear for you.

(Photo has Kevin on the left side of the KPG logo with Lynne Bright, one of the staff members who helped him.)
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