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We have teams of specially trained staff in every sector. Supporting people who need it the most. From mental health to independent living and wellbeing.

Our Services

What We Offer

We aim to help each person that needs us, meeting their unique, individual needs. In addition to our service provision, we are dedicated to making mental health everyone’s business, challenging stigma, and using our voice and the voices of our ambassadors and partners to facilitate real change.

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Our Services

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Suicide Bereavement


Suicide Bereavement Support

A support group for those who have been bereaved by suicide, providing a safe & comfortable space to talk openly & support one another.
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Lads Chat

A space for men to talk and discuss their mental health in a relaxed and confidential environment. Let's start taking men's mental health more seriously.
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Independent Living

Our Independent Living Service (ILS) provides support in your own home to increase your independence so that you can live a healthy and enjoyable life.
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Sanctuary Hub

Mental health help and support shouldn’t be 9-5. Our Sanctuary Hub allows you to access support outside of standard hours, so you’re never on your own.
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Mental Health

Training Courses

Mental Health Training Courses

We are focused on providing individuals and businesses with support through adapted training and new resources. We support individuals and organisations to look after the mental health of friends and employees.
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Community Offer

Sometimes you might need support to carry out day-to-day tasks which you’re finding difficult to do. Our Sandwell Community Offer service can provide you with guidance, information and advice to help with this.
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Counselling Support

Talk openly and confidentially with any of our loving and experienced counsellors in a comfortable, supporting and non-judgmental environment.
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Outreach Recovery Team

Sandwell Outreach Recovery Team

Our Sandwell Outreach Recovery Team (SORT) offers care and support helping you to control, manage and live a fulfilling life.
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Self Harm


Self Harm Support

We have specialist staff, trained in self-harm support that are able to provide you with the methods you need to stop you or your loved one self harming.
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Residential Care

We are equipped to provide comprehensive and complete residential mental health support at our safe and comfortable 14-bed care home.
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Primary Mental Health


Primary Mental Health Workers

Our Primary Mental Health Workers specialise in young people’s emotional and mental health and can offer support to you and your family when things get tough.
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Wellbeing In The


Workplace Wellbeing Programme

A KPG Certified programme that helps create and encourage a more engaged and healthy working environment in your business.
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