To enable us to provide life-changing services, promoting positive health and wellbeing, challenging stigma and creating inclusive communities. Our charity relies on the generosity of our supporters.

The pandemic has left many people traumatised and in need of mental health support.


Our mental health support services are stretched like never before and we need your help. Please Donate today so together we can continue to provide immediate support to people who are suffering.

Where your money goes

For every £1 raised, 80p goes on our services, with the remaining 20p being invested towards covering the costs of running the charity, this though is changing by the day with the current energy price crisis, making the need for funding more than ever before. 

Our supporters help fund a huge range of programmes – from Suicide Bereavement Support to Residential Care, we have a massive range of support courses to help those who are struggling.

With around 95% of our work being funded by people like you, and if it wasn’t for those that donate to us, Kaleidoscope Plus Group couldn’t maintain this level of work to help people. 

£5 a month could help us answer a call for help that could save a life.

£10 a month could help us to train volunteers to be available throughout the year, helping those that are struggling the most

£20 a month could go towards keeping our urgent support phone line open through the year. And the free, confident support text line to listen to whoever needs to talk it out the most. 

Your support ensures we can be there for those that need it most. We’ll always be on the other end of the phone, and will do all we can to help put a smile on the face of everyone and anyone who calls in to us. Don’t face the battle of ill mental health alone, we’re here for you.