We are looking for events volunteers to assist with contacting venues and liaising with organisation. This ranges from smaller events to larger events such as London Marathons and charity games organised by local football clubs. You will be working with a team of volunteers and staff to help manage the venue, guide both participants and attendees, giving out tickets, whilst playing a crucial role in making the events happen.

Requirements: Along with having great communication and interpersonal skills, we ask that you are flexible and willing to volunteer outdoors, enthusiastic about KPG and assisting at events, willing to work as part of a team. If you have specific skills and expertise that you think might be useful such as event management or leading teams- please let us know when you apply.

Responsibilities: You will be working with a team of staff to contact venues, help set up and clear down the event, meet and greet participants, attendees and spectators, supporting participants as they take part in any activities during the event. You will need to maintain good working relationships with colleagues at all levels whilst promoting good employee relations and communications. You will support and promote the rights, dignity, safety, and individual choices of each customer whilst undertaking any other duties appropriate to the role.

Job Category: Volunteer
Job Location: West Bromwich

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