Helping you to cope with grief

Over 6000 people take their own lives in the UK each year.


At KPG, we provide Suicide Bereavement Support Services for people across the UK offering emotional and practical support to you.

We can offer support one-to-one, to family groups, groups of colleagues or peers – whatever is preferred by you and is most appropriate to your situation. Our support is free and confidential, and we will advocate for you throughout your journey.

We offer a blended approach to our support, ensuring you have a support blanket wrapped around you to help you through your bereavement.

Our service changes from region to region depending on commissioned service, however all UK residents are able to receive group support regardless of their location through our online, phone and email support.

Group support sessions offer a safe space for people who have been bereaved by suicide to come together and talk openly about their experience. The group sessions are facilitated by trained professionals who bring with them the skills and knowledge around coping with grief, loss and bereavement.

It may feel daunting to walk into a room or online meeting and join other people, but you will be supported from the onset to ensure you feel accepted and be able to talk freely and openly or simply just listen to the experience of others.

There will also be the opportunity to attend structured workshops to help identify and manage different emotions that you may experience and the impact they might have on you, for example, anxiety, depression and problems with sleep.

Where are the groups and when do they take place?

Groups are usually held on a monthly basis and the two groups currently running are:

Midlands Suicide Bereavement Support Group – First Tuesday of every month 7.30 pm – 9pm at Hope Place, B70 8LU. Click the button below for more details:

UK Virtual Suicide Bereavement Support Group – Third Tuesday of every month, 6pm to 8pm – For safety of all attendees, please contact us at to obtain the joining link. Click the button below for more details:

We are still able to offer help and support outside of meetings if needed by telephone. If you would like to speak with someone please call 0121 565 5605 / 07970 040016 and ask for Melanie Griffin.

We are also looking to expand, offering additional groups in the UK – if you would like to learn more please get in touch to see how you can make a difference.

Click below to hear from Tracy about how our Suicide Bereavement Support Groups have helped to aid her recovery.

Suicide Awareness Training Courses

Through Presentations, tutorials and training products Kaleidoscope Plus Group support communities to ask the question and support people with thoughts of suicide and help them to stay alive.